Monthly Archives: April 2015

SmartSVN, Ubuntu & dream biceps

I’m a VMware Fusion Professional fan. I use it on a MacBook Pro to host various operating systems (Solaris, Ubuntu, Slackware, LFS, Win7) used in my projects.

A recent project requires rolling my own LFS distro on Ubuntu. Back to command line Subversion or find a suitable GUI client? Once you are spoiled on TortoiseSVN, TortoiseGit or SmartSVN for Windows hosted development, doing without on Linux is out of the question.

The short answer is: cancel that gym membership you’re not using and then buy some real tools – like SmartSVN. I know this goes against your inner cheapskate (but lavishly wasting money on good intentions for bigger biceps?!), but you will thank me in the long run.

Reduced stress. No version 0.1 GUI client experiments. No command line.

I once knew a seasoned assembly language developer in the late 80s that coded using DOS edlin. I’m not making this up. Well, about that time a cool full screen editor came on the scene named Brief┬áby UnderWare, Inc. A few of us installed it on the developer’s machine while he was on smoking break and pulled up some of his code on screen. A short time later we heard shouts from his office, “I can see it all! I can see it all!”. Most of us did not recover from ROTFL until later that day. Don’t be that developer.