NVIDIA CUDA Development

If you have interest in parallel programming, games with high end graphics, embedded development or professional graphics, investigate NVIDIA CUDA Development. The first step is to become a registered developer so you can fully peruse the available resources.

My interest is specific to parallel programming with NVIDIA’s line of CUDA GPUs.

My current development platform is the GeForce GTX 970 and the Tesla K40. The K40s are used in a pair of airborne, high performance servers under development for surveillance applications.

NVIDIA provides a CUDA Toolkit supported on Windows, Linux x86, Linux POWER8 and MacOS platforms.

Of special interest to developers are the NVIDIA System Management Interface and CUDA Code Samples present in the toolkit.

If you are a Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 developer, don’t miss the presence of the CUDA project template and template_runtime. This is extremely valuable for creating your own Visual Studio based CUDA projects because it will redeem you from the pit of Visual Studio properties should you decide to create a Visual Studio 201x plus NVIDIA Nsight project from “scratch”.